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  • Pick a walnut!

    This is a great game for Christmas as it’s cheap and easy to prepare, plus it’s completely flexible to suit your guests. Use it as an after dinner game or even have a round in between courses.

  • Christmas

    At this festive season there are no end of traditions and festivities to enjoy. Whether you’re serving mulled wine and nibbles before midnight mass, doing a full blown Christmas dinner for the family or looking for a way to keep the kids occupied without being glued to the television, here are some ideas to help you have a very merry time.

  • Motor racing

    Whether you’re taking your inspiration from the Indy 500, Formula 1 or Le Mans, a motor racing themed party can be great fun for racing fans and children.

  • St Valentine’s Day – for lovers

    If you’re lucky enough to have a special someone in your life, then why not make St Valentine’s Day a special occasion for you both. Whether you’re serving a gourmet meal at home, or enjoying a sip of champagne before heading out to a restaurant, make the most of celebrating your love with a party just for two.

  • Back to school

    Relive your school days and enjoy some childish fun with this theme which all your guests should find it fun to join in with. It doesn’t matter when you were at school, you’ll find plenty of ways to enjoy recreating your time in school.

  • Hallowe’en

    The 31st October is traditionally the night when the spirits of the dead walk among us and the imagery of this night is known to young and old alike – pumpkins lit in windows while witches, ghosts and ghouls walk abroad! Dressing up in a suitably scary costume is a given for a Hallowe’en party, but there’s much more you can do beside…

  • Gazpacho

    A light, chilled tomato based soup which can be served as a canapé or a starter.

  • Alphabet shopping

    A traditional child’s game which can be varied either to suit the theme of your party or as an adult drinking game.

  • Bunnies

    This is essentially a drinking game, but could easily be played without alcohol or by using forfeits. Great fun for around 10 people – stay alert and get your bunny ears twitching!

  • Easter Parade

    As well as being an important religious celebration, Easter can also provide a great theme for a party. Taking the basic elements of Easter (a time for renewal and rebirth) and the traditions surrounding it, there are plenty of things you can do.

  • Singapore Sling

    A classic alcoholic cocktail, named after its invention by a bartender at The Raffles Hotel in Singapore.

  • Beach/seaside

    Take yourself away to the sea for a beach themed party – whether you’re aiming for a surfin’ safari, going wild on the shoreline or all the British seaside clichés, this is the theme for you!

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